Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2017 Nicht mehr, noch nicht

Parent Event

Curated by Janina Kriszio and Cornelia Lund Terrible Houses in Danger
DE 2009
Abwertungskit, Margit Czenki, 2009 © Margit Czenki
© Margit Czenki

The “Abwertungskit” is a satirical list of instructions on how to decrease the value of neighbourhoods threatened by gentrification. Made in the manner of a YouTube tutorial, it shows how with simple means – broken window panes, satellite antennas, plastic bags from discount supermarkets hung on house facades – the atmosphere of a less well-to-do neighbourhood can be effectively created, thus scaring off potential gentrification candidates. The principles of the Hamburg-based action network against gentrification “Es regnet Kaviar”, in the context of which Abwertungskit was made, are presented playfully and ironically, which has quickly led to spin-offs in such cities as Bremen.

Margit Czenki, DE 2009, 6 min