Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images

Parent Event

BRD 1992

EINS, ZWEI, DREI, VIER” continious the series of visual-musical videotapes, which began with “Touch Screen” and later in the Kniespiel trilogy this aproach is further developed: EINS, ZWEI, DREI, VIER transfers the idea of sampling into images. Short samples/fragments of reality, in this case sounds, which can be produced with the body, and the images of the production of these sounds are composed, like in a three dimensional mosaic, to a rhythmic and melodic structure (music), which also can be seen. The music develops through the editing of the images, whereas the concept of editing is meant in an expanded sense. To be able to work with as many as possible visual and acustic elements (basic rhythm, accompaniment, melody and its immanent elements), it is necessary to put those elements so to speak into the depth of the image. That means the edit is not, as usual only on one level of the image, but uses the bluebox technique on up to nine levels.

Autor des Textes

Claus Blume

Betacam SP, 3 min