1. Livesource Ostdeutschlands

Root Event

3. Werkleitz Biennale 1998 sub fiction

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1. Livesource Ostdeutschlands
D 1996

A Livesource consists of a camera which is connected to a computer, providing worldwide access to the images from the camera via the WWW. Those cameras are very popular in the WWW. One has the chance to look at many different places all over the world. Most of the pictures that can be watched are rather banal, just showing the changes of weather or traffic. The mostly irrelevant images get boring quite fast, but the live brodcasting even makes the most banal images something special.

The first east German Livesource is a Livesource which does not really differ from other Livesources. There is a five minute update of a rather boring view of the city; one can sign a guestbook and there is a list of links to other Livesources.

There is just no camera which would record an image at regular intervals. Instead, the computer accesses an archive which contains previously manipulated images of a passing day. In general, this is not recognized by the user. Although, if one would take the time to wait for one or two updates or would visit the site at different times, unusual changes could be discovered. However, a keen eye and some patience is required.

Bettina Lockemann (D), 1. Livesource Ostdeutschlands, 1996