What I'm Looking For

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What I'm Looking For
1. 1. to 31. 1. 2016 2015
US 2015
 Shelly Silver
 Shelly Silver
 Shelly Silver
 Shelly Silver

A woman sets out to photograph moments of intimacy. On an Internet dating site she writes: ‘I’m looking for people who would like to be photographed in public revealing something of themselves…’ What I’m Looking For documents this adventure; the connections formed at this intersection between virtual and actual public space. The video is a rumination on the nature of photography and the persistence of vision. It is a short tale of desire and control.

written, directed, edited: Shelly Silver
voiceover: Katrin Sigudardottir
sound mix: William Seery/Mercer Media
high definition online: Troy Thomson/Private Idaho
production company: House Productions
funded in part by New York State Council on the Arts

US 2015, 15 min