Utopien vermeiden?

Root Event

Werkleitz Jubiläums Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden

Parent Event

Utopien vermeiden Ausstellungsparcours
Utopien vermeiden?
13. 10. 2013

As a result of the cooperation with students from Istanbul, we will set up a collectively designed area in the lobby of the festival center. A table with quotes and compilations of texts which clarify our discussion processes and their historical and theoretical points of reference, and gather literature on the topic, offer visitors a place to read, think and speak.  ↩This open space of exchange is flanked by marginal interventions: a film about current demolition work in Halle Neustadt, a promising glowing window, small, barely perceptible architectural models, wastepaper stacks, balloons, a clock that doesn’t display time, an overhead projector that invites visitors to create text and color collages - these elements generate an atmospheric space, which is particularly influenced by a quote from Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Erdoğan had shouted to environmental activists protesting against government plans on September 18, 2013 (protests against cutting down Gezi Park in Istanbul to reconstruct an Ottoman-era military building, or against roadworks through the Middle East campus forest Eastern Technical University in Ankara): “… if you want, we can send you to the forest. Go and live in the forest! This quote “gidin ormanda yaşayın … “,” go and live in the forest … “, can be combined with a number of utopian concepts, just think of Henry David Thoreau’s” Walden or Life in the Woods” from 1854.

The utopian is always linked with alternative concepts of life. So, if you want to criticize the existing, can you even avoid utopias?

Project Management: Maike Fraas, Malte Roloff, in cooperation with Werkleitz Center for Media Art Halle, Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi, Istanbul; Dr. Melih Görgün, Doz. Bahar Aksel, Doz. Sinan Niyazioğlu, Umut Sudüak, Research Associate, Istanbul and Prof. Dr. Nike Bätzner, Halle; Participanting BURG students: Maria Bauhofer, Johanna Padge, Sanna Schiffler, Olivia Schmid, Julia Senft, Nele Urbanowicz, Malte Westphalen, Judith Will, Mimar students Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi: Serim Dinç, Başak İncekara, Tuğçe İşçi, Çağın Kaya, Volkan Kızıltunç.