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Werkleitz Jubiläums Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden
Film programme
18. 10. 2013
21. 10. 2013

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Mathieu Tremblin (FilmemacherIn)
Vladimir Turner (FilmemacherIn)

Dear artists, burn your manifestos! Dear curators, stop asking new questions that nobody can answer! And dear visitors and viewers, let us avoid utopias and new promises in favour of concrete action! The film programme Streetism! shows artists who roll up their shirtsleeves and get going, onto the street, where life is pulsing, to change the world on a small scale. There will be 17 documentations from all over Europe showing performances, interventions and sculptures in public space; 17 individual strategies, which embody artistic forms of resistance with a sense of fun and play. The reason being that culture is generated by play, by its enjoyment, and the resulting tension.

“Man is only wholly human where he plays“, as Friedrich Schiller wrote. And the Dutch cultural historian Johan Huizinga coined the term Homo Ludens, the playing human, that is so appropriate to the street artists. The city itself becomes a work of art, freely formed and serving as a laboratory for the ludic revolution of the quotidian.