Schwarzarbeit/Realwork? Work in Progress: SCHWARZARBEIT

Root Event

4. Werkleitz Biennale real[work]

Parent Event

Schwarzarbeit/Realwork? Work in Progress: SCHWARZARBEIT

Mike Hentz: SCHWARZARBEIT - Work in Progress,

involving: - GAS/MUSIC/COALS/BLACK, and for the timing, OIL, also one hundred kilos of EB0NY WOOD.
WORK OPERA 2001, OPUS 13, MINUS DELTA T, and Hephaistos was the father of Aphrodite.

(Schwarzarbeit is a euphemism for undeclared blackwork, unofficial work or the functioning of the black economy.)

Performance Installation by Mike A. Hentz
Daily at the Traktorenstützpunkt
Address: Rosenburger Strasse 4, D-39249 Werkleitz
From 12.00 hrs to 22.00 hrs

What is the difference between work and a job?
Work is something I am proud of, whereas in contrast a job, I do only for the money,
(the bread).
Ninety percent of all people are doing a job.
(That’s why today we don’t have any more folklore.)
Folklore is the honouration of work and the songs about it.


Mike Hentz (CH/US), Schwarzarbeit/Realwork? Work in Progress: SCHWARZARBEIT, Performance am 9.7.2000 in Tornitz