Routes, Distances and Ends. On the Mobility of Production

Root Event

Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen

Parent Event

Werkleitz Festival 2018 Holen und Bringen Workshops
Routes, Distances and Ends. On the Mobility of Production
22. 10. to 27. 10. 2018


Jan Lemitz (DozentIn), Jan Lemitz (ReferentIn)
Logport Friemersheim, Duisburg, Jan Lemitz 2018

The increasing importance of the mobility of commodities is made evident in no small measure by the virtually inconceivable quantity of orders and deliveries at the level of individual consumption. The end points of these delivery chains often lie on the periphery where unique spatial language and economies are developing. These processes are shaped by the maximization of individual potential decisions (purchase orders) and the optimization of space-time regimes. These dynamics have an equally dramatic impact across different branches and products, ranging from the provision of supermarkets to the distribution of pipeline components. As an image-producing process, the medium of photography is part of an industrial development, to which it is also inextricably bound by the phenomenon of digitalization. The workshop will attempt to render the mobilities shaping container terminals and other sites of logistical production visible by means of artistic research, and to use such locations as Logport in Duisburg, the freight train yard in Halle and the Leipzig/Halle airport as centres for the generation of informal knowledge.

with Jan Lemitz, media artist, Duisburg, in cooperation with Peggy Buth, artist, Professor of Media Art, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig