Rubén Gutiérrez

Rubén Gutiérrez
MX 1972
Rubén Gutiérrez, © Rubén Gutiérrez

Rubén Gutiérrez´ art (MX, *1972) engages in drawing, installations, photography and video to re-examine existent forms of knowledge. Especially his video works treat the texts and images of the global entertainment industry. He questions revolutionary claims circulating in mass media as an endless stream of illusionary reality concepts. Rubén Gutiérrez has shown his work since 1993 in exhibitions in Mexico and abroad, receiving the Acquisition Prize of the Mexican Young Artist in 2001 and the Acquisition Prize of the Biennial FEMSA in 2004. He is a member of the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte since 2009 and founder of which is an independent non-profit art space in Monterrey, Mexico.

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