Florian Tuercke

Florian Tuercke
DE 1977
Florian Tuercke, © Florian Tuercke

Florian Tuercke (DE, *1977) is a sound artist living in Nuremberg whose temporary installations take place in public space. He is co-founder of the Urban Research Institute. Since 2005 his project URBAN AUDIO has documented musical transformations at the following places: Nuremberg (DE 2007), Zurich (CH 2007), Budapest (HU 2007), in 27 US cities (2008/09), in the capitals of 16 German states (2010), in Tallinn (EE, 2011), Turku (FI, 2011), Gdynia and Gdańsk (PL 2011). 

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4'33" for Mariachi
Werkleitz Festival 2012 .move forward
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