Panel Copyright: copyright, the right to quote and fair use

Root Event

6. Werkleitz Biennale Common Property / Allgemeingut

Parent Event

Panel Copyright: copyright, the right to quote and fair use
3. 9. 2004


Volker Grassmuck (RespondentIn), Volker Grassmuck (WissenschaftlerIn)
Elmar Hucko (RespondentIn), Elmar Hucko (WissenschaftlerIn)
Marcel Schwierin (FilmemacherIn), Marcel Schwierin (RespondentIn)

a Picture critique

One of the main copyright problems is revealed in the creative (further) use of copyrighted material: ready-made, found footage, compilation, satire, critique; they must invoke the legal exceptions of the right to quote and of free use. What works without problems in academia, though, is a constant problem in the field of media. Works that invoke these rights are not exhibited, broadcast, or even created in the first place; sometimes they wind up in court. Is an entire cultural field threatening to disappear in face of the exploitation industry’s aggressive approach? Do the copyright restrictions really leave room for the freedom of art? These questions will be discussed, also within the context of the recently published draft of a copyright legislation.
The discussion will be held in German.


Marcel Schwierin (DE), filmemaker http://www.