Non-Site Specific/Occupying the Peripherial

Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images
Non-Site Specific/Occupying the Peripherial
5. 9. 1996
6. 9. 1996
7. 9. 1996

The proposal for Non-Site Specific wishes to transport 5 displaced artists in an attempt to map their individual experiences and understandings of Belfast & Ireland onto a non-site specific.

Occupying the peripheral - Description: Slide images from Belfast and Northern Ireland will be projected and physically traced onto peripheral spaces around the event. Multiple tracings will accumulate in layers on given surfaces during the periods of activity. The tracings remain at the end of the performance as a record of the event. Spoken word dialogue will be recorded and re-recorded, (layered) as accumulated narrative throughout the performance. The words and sounds intermingle with and give information to the images and actions being traced onto the surfaces of the spaces.
The performance will be relayed via live video link-up in the main exhibition area.
Concept: A visual and oral dialogue will attempt to build a discussion narrative towards understanding our individual experiences of life and living in Northern Ireland. We are under continual bombardment with contrasting images, conflicting ideas; traditions and cultures. With this project we wish to exist in the peripheral; to remain non site specific, to come to terms with inherent individuality and to understand the experiences of the places we exist in.