Root Event

3. Werkleitz Biennale 1998 sub fiction

Parent Event

D 1996/1997

For „Morsen” (Morse Code) two succeding frames were taken out of an air combat-footage film. On the second frame there is something visible like a small light. This is a direct hit. The two frames were arranged in a small computer programme, which allowes to switch from the first to the second frame by clicking the mouse. The second frame is connected with the sound. By switching between the frames it is possible to morse a text. The three sequences shown here are excerpts of three different texts that I have morsed and which have been recorded on video.

Sedimentation / Film 1: The principle of his work is the reconstruction of camera motions. All frames of sequence, in which the camera made a motion, have been digitalized and reduced in size. Afterwards they were rearranged in an animation program. Each frame appears now on a slightly different position than the frame before, according to the motion of the camera between these two specific moments. The (small) part of each frame which is not overwritten by the following frame remains visible. You see a film which itself is moving and – simultanously – is freezing in the trace of its images. A hybrid between static and dynamic image. „Sedimentation/Film1” is using film-footage taken from news-reels of the fourties.

Morsen: Martin Dammann (D), S-VHS, 9 min, 1997
Sedimentation / Film: Martin Dammann (D), S-VHS, 6:35 min, 1996