Nika Oblak & Primož Novak: Reality Is Out, film still, 2012

In 1995, Werkleitz has launched the grant programme EMARE (European Media Artists in Residence Exchange) which with several European partner institutions has awarded up to eight EMARE grants for media artists per year since. The European Media Art Network (EMAN) brings together European media art institutions in research, production, presentation and distribution and prolongs and expands therewith the work of the European Media Artists in Residence Exchange (EMARE) Programme. Since 2012 by support of the European Union exchange has been made possible beyond the European frontiers to the particular partner countries:

EMARE MEX (2012–13) with Mexico
EMARE AUS CDN (2014–15) with Australia and Canada

From 2018 to 2021 EMAN expands again with the help of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union to the European Media Art Platform with 10 members all over Europe. Further information about the artist in residence exchange programme as well as a complete overview of all grand holders can be found on emare.eu

European Media Art Network / European Media Artists in Residence Exchange with Australia Canada (EMARE AUS CDN) 2014-2015 is going to present move on – new media art from Australia, Canada and Europe: Residencies, research, production, conferences, exhibitions in Australia, Canada and Europe.

The European Media Art Network in partnership with the Goethe Institute and overseas partners in Australia and Canada provide residencies 2014 - 2015 in Australia, Canada, England, Germany, France and the Netherlands with support of the European Commission’s Culture 2013 Programme.

Project partners 2014–15



European Media Art Network (EMAN)


2018 Douglas Fishbone (US), Artificial Intelligence
2017 Coralie Vogelaar (NL), Random Strings of Emotions (eine Studie von Gesichtsausdrücken aus algorithmischer Perspektive)
2016 Manuel Abramovich (AR), , (FR), Blue Boy
2015 Matthew Gingold (AU), Phase Orkestra
2014 Robyn Moody (CA), Nostalgia for a Myth
2013 Anni Garza Lau (MX), Unbekanntes Gesicht
2012 Laura Balboa (MX), internetis.tv
2011 Pim Zwier (NL), Atemberaubend
2011 Augustin Gimel & Brigitte Perroto (FR), Terres vaines
2010 Leopold Kessler (DE), Zaun schärfen
2010 Jean-Gabriel Périot (FR), Une Jeunesse Allemande – Eine deutsche Jugend
2009 Paolo Cirio (IT), The Big Plot
2009 Karen Mirza & Brad Butler (GB), Museum of Non Participation
2008 Raymond Taudin Chabot (FR), Marking The Line
2008 Don Ritter (CA), Vested
2007 Köken Ergun (TR), Wedding
2007 Stefan Piat (FR), [Recherche/Research]
2006 Christoph Wachter & Mathias Jud (DE), , (CH), Zone*Interdite
2006 Ralph Jürgen Colmar (GB), Ludwig Light
2005 Erik Bünger (SE), Gospels
2005 Alina Rudnitskaya (RU), Malinovy zvon
2004 Chris Oakley (GB), Sight/Seeing
2004 Valerie Pavia (FR), [Recherche/Research]
2003 Dietmar Offenhuber (AT), 5 minute places
2003 Dane Watkins (GB), Empty Days IV – return of the anti hero
2002 Chris Bowman (GB), Dot Land
2002 Greg Daville (GB), [Recherche/Research]
2001 Catriona Grant (GB), [Recherche/Research]
2001 Sarah Miles (GB), Magnificent Ray
2000 Rob Kennedy (GB), The Truth and the Light
2000 Sarah Felton (GB), Thin Air
1999 Erika Katalina Pásztor (HU), Story-Generator
1999 Jeff Instone (GB), So spoke The Ruskin Master: never heard of that handler
1999 Ákos Balázs (HU), Story-Generator
1999 Anita Sárosi (HU), Story-Generator
1998 Jessica Curry (GB), VOICE
1998 Péter Hecker (HU), Love Movie
1997 Paul Harrison & John Wood (GB), October '97
1997 Mikko Maasalo (FI), Illumination
1997 Zsolt Veress (HU), Common Cover
1996 László L. Révész (HU), san
1996 Laura Smith (GB), The Safe House
1995 Mike Stubbs (GB), Gift (the pilot)
1995 Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák (HU), The Flywheel Mouse
1995 Kypros Kyprianou (GB), Axiomat
1995 János Sugár (HU), Die Hausgewordene Logik
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