Glebs Film

Root Event

Videokunst- und Kurzfilmfest Facing the Artwork

Parent Event

Glebs Film
DE 2009

Gleb runs a small hairdresser’s shop in Hamburg-Altona. It’s the only shop in the street and for many of his elderly clients, the visit in the salon is the highlight of the day. The solitude of these people preoccupies Gleb, but simultaneously it stimulates his vivid imagination. While giving perms and darkening eyelashes, he tells his customers about his idea of a film which involves an unhappy man, a lonely woman, and a hairdresser for whom, of course, a very special part is reserved. Thanks to the great interest of Glebs listeners, the story often takes surprising turns. At the same time it provides the frame for a cinematic portrait of a passionate storyteller.

27:25 min