Gefangen im Paradies

Root Event

Werkleitz Jubiläums Festival 2013 Utopien vermeiden
Film programme
Gefangen im Paradies
18. 10. 2013
21. 10. 2013

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Alain Della Negra (FilmemacherIn)
Barbara Visser (FilmemacherIn)

“What fascinates me is the fact that freedom is basically an illusion. And this applies to artists, accountants and criminals alike” muses the Dutch artist Barbara Visser. The French filmmaker Alain Della Negra is looking for manic Utopians in his films, from obsessive shamans to furry fans. The programme Gefangen im Paradies presents true stories documented by two artists.

Clemens K., long serving accountant at the Dutch arts and culture foundation, transfers € 16 million to his account and vanishes from sight. In her suspense-packed, award-winning documentary, Visser follows the embezzler all the way to his chosen hideaway in Thailand. Her meticulous research casts an artistic focus on his motivations, interviewing friends and colleagues left behind in various states of shock, confusion, shame, and anger.

What to do in a new world?, the selection of short films made by Alain Della Negra together with Kaori Kinoshita, is part of a continuing project on new spiritual communities world-wide. Among them are the rainbow warrior sect, the shaman “White Wolf” and “the healer of the earth” Marko Pogacnik. These stories also tell of the interleaking between cultural and religious practices in the extraordinary time we are living in. Della Negra takes us into a world whose seeming freedom conceals a self imposed prison.