Franzi & Letzte Lockerung & Der Krampf

Root Event

3. Werkleitz Biennale 1998 sub fiction

Parent Event

Franzi & Letzte Lockerung & Der Krampf
D 1993

„Franzi” is a film about Franzi. What makes Franzi different from other people is that the impulse of her movement does not derive from her own body but is created „from the outside” by the camera filming her. During her actings and sequences of movements Franzi is confronted with the frontiers of her space of life (the screen). The character Franzi and her tragi-comical experiences are the product of an artificial world of images; an ironic fiction.

Letzte Lockerung: Do you worry about your health? Is there a connection between speaking and thinking? Are you not able to follow intellectual conversations any more? Will the navel become the new symbol of the German flag? Do you feel the difference at mass events with popular appeal? Do you now about the art, how to become popular and influential? Do you sometimes hear strange voices? The „Final Relaxation” shows positions and helps to overcome questions.

Der Krampf: What at first seems to be an ironic comment about physical exercise, changes into an unnerving, traumatic representation of the increasing alienation between head and body. The main characters, acting within a confined space, are in fact several non-existant people and seperate parts of the body, made up of the head and body of the author and produced by means of a mirror and a video-camera.

Katharina Wibmer (D), Franzi, Beta SP, 4:39 min, 1993

Katharina Wibmer (D), Letzte Lockerung, Beta SP, 12:30 min, 1996

Katharina Wibmer (D), Der Krampf, S-VHS, 6:50 min, 1992