Black Panther Newsreel

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werkleitz Festival 2008 Amerika

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Black Panther Newsreel
US 1968
Black Panther Newsreel

Black Panther Newsreel pursues a completely different approach. Deliberately resisting the one-sided onslaught of images dictated “from above,” this film attempts to replace the old order of the past with an alternative political point of view “from below” (compare the difference in how society is portrayed in this film as opposed to the films from the 1940s and 1950s in this program). An extraordinarily successful approach: the loss of control over the media is forcing political leaders—at least in countries with freedom of the press—to justify their actions constantly. We still can’t rely on this to prevent wars, however. [The film can be found in a file together with Black Panthers—Huey! see below.]

San francisco newsreel (Lacativa & Machover & Shinoff), US 1968, Video, 14 min