Root Event

2. Werkleitz Biennale 1996 Cluster Images
DE 1994

A. O. B. B. M. E. is the product of a process of definition about the body.
A. O. B. B. M. E. is a self-system in the sign —> fractional octogon in the circle with the formula 1+1=((2(pn-1)+1)n—>±ad infinitum)=1. A. O. B. B. M. E. is the logo of the existance and the subtendency of all forms of being and ways of being in just one place. A. O. B. B. M.E is the cover for a flexible and convertible idea in theory, cultural practice and morphology and presents itself as a theoretical, social and sculptural projection. A. O. B. B. M. E. is the methodology of my individual cultural production (autopoiesis) on the basis of the geometrization of individual phy-sics and metaphysics and finds its counterpart in cybernetics, morphology and philosophy. A. O. B. B. M. E. is an ecological system and defines the balanced steady-state between identities (forms of being) and entities (forms of appearance) of my individuality. A. O. B. B. M. E. marks my individual territory of being, the place, that concerns me, as the idea of the body, as the body of the idea and as position. A. O. B. B. M. E. is a registered and copyrighted brand for all products, that means producings and markings, that have in initium and their context in Yana Milev/A. O. B. B. M. E.